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I should tell you now the reason I’ve not been around for more than one month. If you’ve already read my article about Havana, you might know that this time there was a pretty good reason for it.

We got married! We put our horses together! We tied the know! It is best described by Calin’s t-shirt.

What did you do, Bobita?
What did you do, Bobita?

I won’t bore you with wedding photos, but I’ll tell you that we celebrated the event with a nice roadtrip. It wasn’t a real honeymoon. It was much shoter and some of the places we saw were not that romantic, but it was a wonderful excursion.

Our new companion, a Beetle, did very well on the road and we traveled more than 3000 km together.

We visited locations in 4 countries:

  • Slovakia – Kosice, Presov, Bardejov, Bratislava and Modra
  • Poland – Krakow, Wieliczka, Wroclaw, Zamek Czocha, Auschwitz
  • Czech Republic – Bohemian Switzerland, Karlovy Vary, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Holašovice, Punkva cave,  Třeboň, Trebic
  • Hungary – Szentendre

Unlike other times,this time we chose to get involved in more activities, several of them we hadn’t tried before.

  • the miner’s route at Wieliczka
  • segway tour in Bratislava
  • wine tasting in Modra
  • dwarfs hunting in Wroclaw
  • beer spa in Karlovy Vary
  • beer tour in Prague
  • bike tour in Prague
  • boat trip in Punkva Cave

As for accommodation, we chose, as usually, a combination between Airbnb and Booking, including some special locations:

  • a castle from the 13th century in Poland
  • a botel with a view to the castle in Bratislava

These are the experiences I’ll tell you more about during the next few weeks, while also continuing the series about Cuba with 2-3 more articles.

I’ve also realized that even if we spend the majority of our time in the country, I’ve only written two articles about Romania up to this moment. I’ll write some more in the near future, starting with Constance, a city we are always happy to visit and surprises us a little every time.

Hopefully you’ll come back to read more about our latest adventures!

Besides, I’ll be waiting for some suggestions for the honeymoon. We’ve got some nice suggestions like Tenerife, Thailand, Paris, Egypt, Honk Kong, Peru, Wattwanderung, Australia or Antarctica, but we’re still undecided.

What do you think? Where did or would you go on your honeymoon?

Finally, here are some photos from our road trip, just a small preview.

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